Photo: One of the tunnel entrances

mote park tunnel entrance

Many thanks to Alex Griffiths for sending in this photo of a locked entrance to (one of) the tunnel(s) underneath Mote Park. This entrance is located on the south side of the park next to Keepers Cottages.

If you’d like to send in a photo of the park feel free to get in touch at hello [ @ ] motepark .co .uk. All images will be credited.


  1. Neil Smith says:

    I used to play in the park all the time in 1958. That door was not there and it was all open at that time
    There is a huge area in there and people used to say was used as an air raid shelter during the war
    It was all full of water and the interior was brick
    No tunnels though
    There are some caves on the other side of the park which are quite deep and big
    I see that Samual who sold it to the council was the person who built Shell oil

  2. Neil Smith says:

    What about the car racing that used to go on up in the valley?

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